Good Enough: School in the Time of COVID

Good Enough: School in the Time of COVID

COVID. The groundhog’s day of 2020.

As we move into a longer period of virtual learning, you may notice a difference in your child’s mood. Maybe they are feeling more lethargic, angry, anxious, withdrawn. Maybe it takes everything that you have to get them just to turn their computer on.

This is not likely because they are not motivated. More likely it is because they feel so detached from school, friends, teachers, even administration. Most students would give almost anything to be able to return to in-person learning.

We all want that. Believe me, your child’s teachers are not thrilled about this either.

In a school that consists of students and staff that pride themselves on excellence, this is a blow. Suddenly we are all having to adjust to “good enough.”

Good Enough

I often say to people, instead of thinking of things as problems, think of them as opportunities. In fact, replace the word “problem” with the word “opportunity” and see what comes up.

Likely, you will feel less stuck.

There are things in this world that we can’t change right now.

These are the same things most of us are fixated on changing.

I hear things like

  • This virtual learning needs to stop.
  • I can’t learn this way
  • Teachers are expecting too much

These comments and many others are normal. Believe me, having to contend with my son playing trumpet in the background during a zoom meeting with a student is not ideal. The thing is, these are statements that keep us stuck.

What if we were to rephrase these problems as opportunities? For example:

Problem                                                       Opportunity

I can’t learn in a virtual setting                     While this is not ideal, being virtual allows me to learn how to                                                                                be flexible and resilient, which will help me in the long run.

This is just one example, but a significant one. Do you see how moving from problem to opportunity allows us to have more of a growth mindset?

It’s not going to change the fact that learning in a virtual setting is not ideal.

It’s not going to change the fact that you hate being virutal.

But what it will change is the way that you look at the situation. Because at the end of the day, isn’t it better to use language that is empowering over language that is limiting?



Below is a link to an article that may be helpful if you are having some worry about your teenager and their mental health.

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Article written by Monica Fugedi, Wellness Counselor

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