How to Help Teens Handle the Loss of Proms and Graduations

How to Help Teens Handle the Loss of Proms and Graduations

Seniors everywhere have been waiting 12 years for this day to arrive. Graduation day. The day when all of the blood, sweat, and tears pay off. The day when families gather to celebrate accomplishments and look to the future with hope and bittersweet tears.

Seniors have been enjoying their last year in high school, celebrating all the lasts.

  • The last homecoming
  • The last spirit week
  • The last first trimester
  • The last honors ceremony
  • The last final exam
  • The last water wars
  • The last Prom
  • The last time they will see their classmates, some of which they have known since kindergarten.

What they didn’t expect is for their last day to be March 12th.

While we all grapple with this new found reality, let’s not forget our Seniors. Ripped from them was their chance to celebrate their accomplishments, their chance to celebrate together. They didn’t get the good-bye walkout that is accompanied by the Groves band on their last day of school. Families don’t get to come together to honor their students as they set them free into the next chapter.

Let’s face it. Seniors have been jipped. And there is nothing that we can do about it.

Except recognize it.

This is a big deal. We try to teach our children that sometimes life isn’t fair, but THIS? This is not what we meant. This is not the way that we want our children to remember their senior year. Yes, in the grand scheme of things does this really matter? I don’t think that it is up to those of us who are not missing graduation to decide. What I know from my own experience, is that graduation from high school is kind of a big deal. I certainly would not be okay with it if that experience was taken from me.

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